How to save money on energy bills in the UK? -Cherish Lewis

We are using electric and gas on a daily basis, and they are major household and business expenditure, but save money has to do with the energy supply company, also many are doing a similar price. This time it does make a difference.

I was paying 40 pounds a week for my energy bills, now I only pay as little as 2 pounds a day!


My friend told me about this company, I didn't think will have much difference as I have already tried many companies, British Gas, EDF...


I compared the price It was about 3p less per kw. I was just thinking about maybe give another go because my bills at that time were so high. When I switched they send me 50 pounds in my bank account, since then I changed all the bills from my other properties and business too.


If you want to save money for electric and gas bills and try this energy company.


Use this link and get a FREE quote when you switch you will get 50 pounds transfer to your account!


You can compare the electric and gas bills price first. Only switch if its a good price!


This company is called bulb and please use the link below to make sure you will get the best quote and 50 pounds.

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