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This is our story, it could be your story too.
A start of our new lifestyle, with a few little furry friends. We are playing, we are learning, and we are growing up together.
Everything is starting from here...💕


(This photo is Haoya and Our first generation of kitten that born in CHERISHLEWIS ragdoll cattery. )

Copy right belong to Cherish Lewis LTD


In early 2020, we registered our first Ragdoll Cat Cattery with TICA.

We brought a few amazing furry kittens from Poland and joined our family.

They all high-quality beautiful pedigree kittens, and when you see them your heart melt.

 Our Council License:



 Our TICA Cattery Registration Certificate:


 Some Important information has been covered, in case if someone takes it for illegal use.

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Cherish Lewis Ragdoll Cat Cattery, TICA registered based in Nottingham, United Kingdom.


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