Announcement of Social Media Cyber-Bullying towards Cherish Lewis Ragdoll Cattery

On 09/08/2021 some rumour makers carried out cyber attacks on our cattery. Here we remind everyone not to believe the rumours. At the same time, we also remind those offenders that we will record the names of all the offenders and send them to the police at the same time. The Internet is not a place outside of the law!
CHERISH LEWIS LTD will pursue criminal responsibility for all offenders.
Here I suggest these people, stop cyber-Bullying on us.
If you do not want your name on this list, you shall stop spreading false information about our cattery and Cherish Lewis LTD.
Facebook account Alison Reynolds was sent a false post about us on 09/08/2021. Later, we found out it was sent by someone else to her. She has deleted the post and understood that was false information. However, she reposted a new post explained that was a misunderstanding on 10/08/2021. Anyone who continues to spread false information about this will be reported to the police.
On 11/08/2021, we have reported the incident to the Nottinghamshire Police. Any further Cyber-Bullying and threats towards us will be followed up by them.
On 16/08/2021, we investigated these people who were passing the fake information about us online through social media, and it appears those Facebook accounts that were cyber-bullying us six of them matched the same information of GCCF registered ragdoll breeders, who have been breeding and selling ragdoll kittens without a license for many years. They may have the experience to breed cats, but that does not make them have the right to breach the law and cyber-bully us because they do not like we make breeding easy for others. We also found out most of them unlicensed breeder was on a website "", this website is suspicious of illegal conduct, and we will continue disclosure in a different post.
We obey the law also we are clean have nothing to hide, we are doing our best for our ragdoll cats and kittens, our kittens are live in a healthy and happy environment but some cat breeders do not even have a license and being jealous because we provide a new business plan to give people the opportunity to start raising the famous ragdoll cats of their dreams.
First, many breeders are selling active ragdoll kittens and once sold never even check on them, and our breeding scheme helps people get a kitten for less price, unlike some other breeders once an active kitten is sold even if they don't breed in future they will not pay back the difference, we ensure all the active breeding cat 100% has no breeding issues, and we provide lifetime breeding advice. Because we helped other breeders with a good original intention, we were cyberbullied by these unlicensed breeders. Some of them think that we are broken Lucy's Law, as Lucy's Law stated that no 3rd party sales. This is a misunderstanding of our breeding scheme as all the kitten's offspring, and we will give the new partners registered documents to your name straight away after they are born. It is not illegal to sell the kitten that you breed of and also documents are in your name.
Second, some people think that is bad that our website has a function of putting kittens' photo in a cart, this is just for the customers that they can compare the kittens' photos that they like, and if anyone put an order though we contact them to arrange a viewing, on-site viewing also available.
Last, we are TICA registered cattery and a UK registered business. We have also got a council license "Selling animals as pets licence", licenses will be updated on our website later this month. We are looking after our kittens day and night, do not really have time to explain all this to everyone, but if after this people still want to be rude and cyberbullying us, these people will be keeping adding to this list.
Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 states that it is an offence for any person to send a communication that is "indecent or grossly offensive" for the purpose of causing "distress or anxiety to the recipient". The Act also extends to threats and information which is false and known or believed to be false by the sender of the communication. A person found guilty of this offence is liable to receive a prison sentence of up to 6 months, a fine (currently of up to £5,000) or even both.
The list of offenders' social media accounts that have posted False Information about us online through Facebook and other social media: (We have screenshots of all evidence that they are passing false information, these people are trying to denigration us, but we will not fail for it. all these public social media account names from our social media when they have left a public commons or reviews, most of them are Facebook accounts. We do not know their real name or the people who are behind the screen.)
Margaret Lynch (Facebook account, passing false information about us. State that showing for 23 years, breeding unknown years and still do not have a council license, this person also failed to identify the government guidance about breeding)
birchsargison (Instagram account)
littlemiss_crazycatlady (Instagram account)
rjwood1986 (Instagram account)
Mischievous Meesha (Google false information review)
Summer Kyrie Danielle
Nathalie Makaveli (Facebook and Google false information review)
Roz Birch-Sargison (Prefix: Tailsoflove, GCCF registered unlicensed Ragdoll Breeder)
Natalie Simpson (Prefix: Bryndley, GCCF registered unlicensed Ragdoll Breeder In Sheffield)
Caroline Higgins
Kayleigh Hardman
Claire Welsman
Nathalie Makaveli(google account)
Natasha Franklin
Becky Wood
Jo Edwards
Caroline Spowart(GCCF registered unlicensed Ragdoll Breeder Purraggy RagdollsIn in North Shields)
Claudia Dickens (GCCF registered unlicensed Ragdoll Breeder Clawpawdia in Cheshire)
Nathalie Makaveli
Amy Mills
Louise Mcgrath
Kendall Morris(GCCF registered unlicensed Raggadazzler Ragdoll Cat Breeder In Bedfordshire, talked to her on the phone, she stated that just did not agree with our breeding scheme, However, that does not make us unlawful and she misunderstood the law of keeping rabbit .)
The list will be updating as the offence take place.
For these offenders. We do not know each other, we never had any contact before any of them came on social media to Cyber- Bullying us passing false information about us. This could be some unlicensed cat breeder try to group up denigration us, as some of them are unlicensed ragdoll breeders, and their information all appeared on the same website. We will keep this post updating if we know about it more.
If you are already on this list, You will need to write an apology post, send screenshots of the apology post to us, or a handwritten apology letter with a signature, and we can remove you from the list. We have no intention to harm anyone, and we only want justice.
Even though they kept sending us emails trying to say we are blackmailing, which is not true. We want nothing from these people. These people were trying to defame our cattery based on their own personal opinion, and we know someone else's licensed cattery got cyber-bullied by the same group of people just a few days before they did it to us. If we let it go now, they will continue to harm others. That is the reason that we published the list. We will treat all people on this list as blocklists, and we will never do any business or be in contact with them.
If you are supporting the offenders, you are supporting the Cyber-Bullies. If you are their friends, you shall tell them to stop while they have a chance.
If you have got Cyber-Bullied by any one of them on this list, you are welcome to send us a msg, and we can report them and link both cases together.
Check out this to know more about cyber-bullying:

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