Cherish Lewis Onlineshop (not include cats)


*How long will my product be dispatched?

- We partner with factories worldwide, and most of them are in the UK and China. Each item has a different dispatch time. We have expected dispatch time under each product description.  

- If the product is from the UK factories, it will be dispatched the next day.

- If the product is from other countries, the dispatch time will be around 2 weeks. Once the customers make the order, we will send the order details to our partner factories and prepare it with the freshest product; then, the factory will send the product to our company. After that, we double-check everything and dispatch it to the customer.


Cherish Lewis Ragdoll Cat Cattery

*How much is a ragdoll kitten?

- The price for a pet kitten is starting from 1500 pounds

*How to book a space to choose a kitten?

- You can book a space at anytime, by paying 100 pounds holding deposit, Click -(here)

- Once the kittens are 2 months old we will contact you to choose your kitten.

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