The best Ragdoll Essential Products in the UK- Cherish Lewis Ragdoll Cattery UK

If you are new to the ragdoll's world, you may have many questions: 

-What do I need to buy for my ragdoll cat?

-Any good product for ragdoll cat in the UK?


These products are very good and useful if you thinking to own a ragdoll or you already have one, these are the things you might need. This list for the UK ragdoll owner. Also, we will keep updating this list.


No.1 The best cat litter

That is natural can flush in a toilet and if you are thinking to own a litter robot or any other auto-cleaning litter tray this is the best litter for you!


No.2 Pet Hair Remover

Ragdoll is longhair cats, you will definitely need one of this, clean up the hair on your clothes and bed so easy to use, and you can use again and again last forever!



No.3 Catit Longhair Grooming Kit.

Ragdoll's hair needs to brush daily, you will really need something like this to keep clean and shiny.


No.4 Cat toys


No.5 Litter tray


No.6 Cat water  Fountain

It's very important that your cat drink water every day, this makes some fun.

No.7 A sturdy cat tree.

They are not the cheapest but they do last the longest. Same as us don't like to drop out the bed mid of night, the kittens need a good cat tree, so they can play happily and safely.

No.8 Baby cat milk

If your kitten is big already, you do not need the baby milk, but if your baby still small cat milk is a good way to have healthy and strong kittens.


No.9 Window Screen/ Window Lock 

In the Summer can be very hot and ragdolls usually jump high, if you want to open the windows, It is better to have either the net or the child window lock.



No.10 Probiotics

Probiotics can regulate the cat's gastrointestinal function.

No.11 Litter Robot (Auto Cat Litter tray)

This litter robot is so great to have, it only takes about 5 days to arrive in the UK. Since we have a litter robot we have saved around 1-hour per day. Change the bin bag once a week, so easy!


No.12 Dyson V11 Animal

Ragdolls are long-haired, they can drop a lot of hair everywhere on the floor and carpet, Dyson V11 Animal is supper good for pet hairs. 


No.13 Feliway Classic 30 Day Starter Kit Diffuser and Refill/ 

Pet Remedy Natural De-Stress 

These products can help cats feeling relax and like home. Recommended by our vet, also we have tried, and we have taken a video about it on our Youtube Channel.(Click here to watch the video.)

No.14 Cat Litter tray Mat

To catch the cat litter comes out the tray.

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