Buy Breeding and Show| Active Ragdoll Kittens in the UK

Our price for Breeding and Show, Active Ragdoll Kittens in the UK is starting from 3000 pounds. 

The extral service you can get when buy a Active Ragdoll Kitten from us:

- Lifetime breeding advice

- We can buy the kitten back if you change your breeding plan in 1 year time.

- Promotion of your kittens though our facebook page

- Kitten's full registered document from TICA

What we need from you:

- Provide the kitten best care.

- Warm and clean environment.

- Neutering before anytime rehoming unless we agreed with.

- Offspring will not sell to UK as a breeding cat.

Please countact us if you are interested in one of our active ragdoll kittens.

Available Kittens