Pet Rebels Charlotte Cat Tree Grey- 180 cm – XL
Pet Rebels Charlotte Cat Tree Grey- 180 cm – XLPet Rebels Charlotte Cat Tree Grey- 180 cm – XLPet Rebels Charlotte Cat Tree Grey- 180 cm – XL


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Indulge your feline friend with the Kings & Queens Charlotte 180cm Cat Tree, designed to transform their playtime into a royal adventure. Standing at an impressive 180cm tall, this cat tree is equipped with three robust scratching posts, providing ample space for your cat to flex their claws and exercise their natural instincts.
To further enrich your cat’s experience, the Charlotte Cat Tree features multiple snug sleeping spots. These cozy areas offer the perfect place for your pet to lounge, nap, or watch their kingdom from a comfortable height.
Adding to the fun, an interactive hanging toy is attached, promising hours of feline amusement. Your cat will love to bat, pounce, and swat, keeping them mentally and physically stimulated.
Available in a choice of three chic colors, the Kings & Queens Charlotte 180cm Cat Tree not only caters to your cat’s needs but also complements your home decor. Add this lavish play structure to your home, and treat your cat to the royal experience they deserve.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Charlotte 180 Cat Tree is explicitly designed for larger cats and specific breeds. These majestic felines require robust and tall scratching posts for them to adequately stretch out and engage their natural scratching instincts – activities that are not only essential but also contribute significantly to their happiness.
But the Charlotte 180 offers much more than just scratching posts! To guarantee an elevated level of comfort and relaxation, this multi-tiered cat tree includes a super soft hammock, perfect for those midday cat naps. In addition, two cosy sleeping houses provide your feline friends with private spaces to retreat and enjoy some well-deserved rest.
At the pinnacle of the Charlotte 180, there is a large, soft lounging basket, specifically designed for those cats who prefer to survey their surroundings from a lofty viewpoint. The generously sized design of these features makes the Charlotte 180 a fantastic choice for households with multiple cats.

In terms of structure, the Charlotte 180 excels in stability due to its extra thick bottom plate. This key feature ensures that even during the most enthusiastic play sessions, the cat tree remains steadfast and secure
colors – cappuccino plush and gray sisal
dimensions – length 59 cm, width 56 cm and height 180 cm
two soft sleeping houses of 40 x 40 cm and 30 cm high
suitable for every kind of cat, including Maine Coons and Ragdolls

Pet Rebels Charlotte Cat Tree Grey- 180 cm – XLPet Rebels Charlotte Cat Tree Grey- 180 cm – XLPet Rebels Charlotte Cat Tree Grey- 180 cm – XL

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