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ROSE RED NAOMI (Price for Each Stem sold in Batches of 10 stems)

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ROSE RED NAOMI 50cm is a lovely Red cut flower. As a rule of thumb, the taller the stem the larger the flower head & longer the vase life.
Colour: Red
Sold in: Batches of 10 stems
Quality: A1
batches of 10 stems
Price is for one stem

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We can deliver directly to you door five times a week.

You can have your flowers delivered for a;

Tuesday Delivery:   Your order has to be confirmed online between the previous Tuesday - Thursday 11pm
Wednesday Delivery:   Your order has to be confirmed online between the previous Friday  - Sunday 11pm
Thursday Delivery:  Your order has to be confirmed online between the previous Friday  - Monday 11pm

Friday Delivery:  Your order has to be confirmed online between the previous Friday  - Tuesday 11pm
Saturday Delivery:  Your order has to be confirmed online between the previous Friday  - Tuesday 11pm

Delivery Options & Prices:

At the checkout you will see the fixed cost delivery options plus a Saturday delivery rate:

Standard UK weekday delivery (anytime before 6:45pm): £9.95 

Timed UK weekday delivery (before 12:45): £15.95 

Timed UK weekday delivery (before 10:45): £26.95 

Weekend delivery (charged at flat rate) £26.95

Flower Care

Your fresh flowers will be delivered nestled in a delightful floral box, wrapped securely in a protective sleeve for their journey. As you unveil your vibrant blooms:

1. Begin by gently unwrapping the flowers, letting them stretch out and breathe easy after their long journey. Don't be perturbed if they seem a tad droopy - imagine how you'd feel after a long-haul flight!

2. Have a bucket or vase with a bit of water handy, and delicately remove any foliage from the stems that could dip beneath the waterline. For those wanting to provide an extra nutrient boost to their blooms, we offer specially formulated flower food available for purchase in both bulk and individual packets.

3. Next, trim the stems about an inch from the bottom using floral shears or a sharp knife. Cut at an angle for the best hydration – think of it as giving your flowers a big, refreshing drink!

4. Place your blooms in the prepared water, ensuring they're kept in a cool, indoor environment, safely away from heaters, air conditioners, or direct sunlight.

5. If using our flower food, now's the time to add it to the water. This will provide the nutrients your flowers need to stay vibrant and fresh.

6. We suggest letting your flowers hydrate for a minimum of 4-6 hours before you begin working with them - but remember, the longer they hydrate, the happier they'll be!

7. Ideally, we recommend having your flowers arrive a few days before your special occasion. This gives them time to hydrate, open up, and truly shine when it's showtime!

By following these easy steps, you'll have your flowers looking fresh, vibrant, and ready to bring joy to any occasion! Experience the Cherish Lewis magic – fresh flowers delivered straight to your door, ready to dazzle!

Please Note: 

Our wholesale fresh-cut roses come directly from the flower farm or auctions and are in their most natural state, meaning they have not been de-thorned. 

If you prefer a more polished and packaged experience, or wish to avoid handling the thorns yourself, please explore our meticulously arranged and elegantly packaged bouquets and floral gifts. 

We offer a variety of carefully curated options that are perfect for any occasion. 

Cherish the moment with Cherish Lewis!

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ROSE RED NAOMI (Price for Each Stem sold in Batches of 10 stems)
High Quality Fresh Flowers

  • Seasonally Unique: Our flowers change with the seasons - once gone, they might not return!
  • Top Quality: We handpick only the freshest, long-lasting flowers at their peak.
  • Limited Stock: Due to their seasonal nature, our flowers are in limited supply - grab yours now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Flower Food included?
No, we do not supply flower food with wholesale flowers order. You are able to purchase this seperately, or choose one of our meticulously arranged and elegantly packaged bouquets and floral gifts that including the flower food. 
Can I place more than one order for the same day of delivery?
In the event that you need to add an additional item to an order, you will need to contact the team during opening hours or place an additional order. To avoid extra delivery charges, you can choose Click and Collect, but please ensure that you contact the team to inform them of the additon. 
Can I return my Fresh Flower order?
In accordance with The Distance Selling Act and the Consumer Contracts Regulations, cut flowers and foliage are perishable goods and are not covered.  

Due to the nature of perishable product(s), any complaints, discrepanies or issues with product(s) must be rasied within 24 hours of receipt of delivrery and cannot be considered after this time.

You must contact the team via email or telephone. We advise you to send a photograph(s) of the problems you are experiencing with the product(s) via email to help us assess the problem(s) and allow us to resolve as quickly and efficiently as possible. In most circumstances, the team will offer a resolve such as replacement(s) or a refund. 

Claims for compensation are not accepted.
What is the difference with wholesale fresh flowers and flower bouquets?
Wholesale fresh flowers and flower bouquets differ mainly in their purpose, preparation, and presentation.

Wholesale Fresh Flowers: These are typically sold in larger quantities and are often used by florists, event planners, or DIY enthusiasts for creating their own floral arrangements. They are freshly cut from the farm, so they're in their most natural state. This means they might require some preparation before use, such as cleaning, trimming, and de-thorning (in case of roses). At Cherish Lewis, we ensure our wholesale flowers are of the highest quality, providing you with a great foundation for your floral designs.

Flower Bouquets: These are professionally arranged collections of flowers that are ready for display right away. Each bouquet is carefully designed to create a beautiful, cohesive look. They often come with some kind of wrapping or packaging, and are perfect for gifting or instant decoration. Our flower bouquets at Cherish Lewis are handcrafted with care, ensuring each one is as visually stunning as the last.

Please note, for those looking to skip the process of preparing and arranging the flowers themselves, our flower bouquets would be the best choice. On the other hand, our wholesale fresh flowers offer an opportunity for creativity and personalization in creating your own floral designs.
Are they good quality flowers?
Yes, absolutely! At Cherish Lewis, we are committed to offering only the highest quality flowers. Our wholesale fresh flowers and beautifully arranged bouquets are all sourced from trusted and reputable growers. These are growers who are known for their excellent cultivation practices and their dedication to producing stunning and robust blooms.

Every stem we sell is hand-picked for its freshness, colour, and overall quality. We believe that quality is paramount in all that we do. Therefore, we diligently ensure that each flower meets our rigorous standards before it makes its way to you.

We take immense pride in our high-end offerings and we are confident that their exceptional quality will shine through in your floral arrangements or displays. Whether it's a simple bouquet or a grand floral display, our superior quality flowers will certainly elevate the ambiance and leave a lasting impression.