Cat Tree Ferdi
Cat Tree FerdiCat Tree FerdiCat Tree FerdiCat Tree FerdiCat Tree FerdiCat Tree FerdiCat Tree Ferdi


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Introducing the Cat Tree Ferdi – a delightful and functional piece of furniture designed to provide your feline friend with endless entertainment and comfort. With its roof clamping feature and thoughtfully designed components, this cat tree is the perfect addition to your home.
The Cat Tree Ferdi features a base area measuring 38 x 38 cm, offering a stable and secure foundation for your cat’s playtime adventures. The spacious cave, measuring 38 x 38 x 27 cm, provides a cozy retreat for your cat to curl up and relax in ultimate comfort. The cave is the perfect hideaway for moments of solitude and privacy.
The Ferdi Cat Tree boasts ample lying surfaces, each measuring 35 x 30 cm, providing your cat with multiple options for lounging and stretching out. These comfortable surfaces are covered with soft and plush short hair material, 100% polyester, ensuring a cozy and inviting resting spot for your beloved pet.
The pillars of the Ferdi Cat Tree are equipped with durable sisal, ø 4 mm in diameter, securely glued to offer a satisfying scratching surface for your cat. This natural sisal material allows your cat to engage in their instinctual scratching behavior while protecting your furniture and belongings.
With a post diameter of 8.5 cm, the Ferdi Cat Tree provides a sturdy and stable climbing and scratching surface for your cat’s active play. Your cat will enjoy exploring different heights and engaging in physical exercise, promoting their overall health and well-being.
The Cat Tree Ferdi’s roof clamping feature adds an extra element of excitement and security. The roof can be easily attached, offering your cat an elevated perch to observe their surroundings from a higher vantage point. This feature adds variety to your cat’s environment and satisfies their natural desire to climb and perch.

Indulge your furry friend with the Cat Tree Ferdi, a perfect blend of functionality and style. Its durable construction, comfortable surfaces, and engaging features make it an ideal choice for both cats and cat owners alike. Treat your cat to the ultimate playground and watch them thrive in their own little kingdom.

Cat Tree FerdiCat Tree FerdiCat Tree FerdiCat Tree FerdiCat Tree FerdiCat Tree FerdiCat Tree Ferdi

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