Cherish Lewis Ragdoll SAMAR Cat Tree
Cherish Lewis Ragdoll SAMAR Cat TreeCherish Lewis Ragdoll SAMAR Cat Tree


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The  SAMAR is a strong and chunky cat tree that uses 20cm diameter scratching trunks which are the largest size available on the market today.

There is strong, simple and stylish design provides an unrivalled strong scratching experience for your feline friend in which they will absolutely love.

A puuurfect distraction from your own furniture which needs to be protected from your cats claws!

Your cat will absolutely love it the large scratching post which is long enough for them to be able to stretch out fully and stretch their backs and maintain their claws..

The large base plate provides a strong and stable foundation for the sisal column ensuring that it does not bend or sway even if multiple cats are enjoying climbing it at the same time.

The unique hanging hammock is also another fantastic feature which will be appreciated by cats of all sizes due to the comfort and gentle rocking motion that it generates as they enter it gracefully.

For some excitable playing action, the hanging and chunky playing rope will certainly work your cat up into a frenzy and they try to catch it with their paws!


Cherish Lewis Ragdoll SAMAR Cat TreeCherish Lewis Ragdoll SAMAR Cat Tree

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