The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)
The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)


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Introducing The Simba XXL Barrel, an exceptional amalgamation of a scratching tower and a scratching barrel, designed to cater to the needs of your feline friends. This remarkable piece of cat furniture is perfect for those who adore climbing and scratching, making it an excellent choice for multi-cat households. With its various resting levels and captivating features, The Simba XXL Barrel offers an unparalleled experience of comfort and entertainment.
Immerse your cats in a world of coziness with the three spacious cat caves nestled within The Simba XXL Barrel. These individual retreats, each measuring approximately 45 x 45 x 29 cm, provide ample space for your beloved feline to curl up and enjoy a peaceful nap. Furnished with plush cushions, these cat caves offer the ultimate in relaxation and tranquility.
At the zenith of the barrel, a splendid lookout spot awaits, providing your cats with a panoramic view of their surroundings. This elevated platform serves as a sanctuary for relaxation and observation, allowing your furry companions to survey their domain while reveling in the comforts of The Simba XXL Barrel.
Crafted from robust and enduring materials, this scratching post ensures durability and easy maintenance. Encircling the entire structure is a resilient scratching carpet, designed to cater to your cats’ claw-sharpening instincts. By providing a dedicated scratching surface, The Simba XXL Barrel safeguards your furniture from the perils of wayward claws while encouraging healthy scratching behavior.
The Simba XXL Barrel isn’t just about functionality—it’s about fun too! Playful pom-poms adorn this captivating piece, injecting an extra dose of amusement into your cats’ playtime. Watch as your furry companions engage, pounce, and bat at these delightful additions, enjoying endless hours of entertainment.
Key Features of The Simba XXL Barrel:
Generously sized individual caves measuring approximately 45 x 45 x 29 cm
Three cozy cat caves with plush sleeping cushions
Elevated lookout spot for relaxation and observation
Durable scratching carpet encircling the barrel for claw maintenance
Sturdy construction for long-lasting use
Elevate your cats’ environment with The Simba XXL Barrel, a testament to comfort, engagement, and durability. Treat your beloved feline companions to an extraordinary cat tree experience while simultaneously protecting your furniture from scratching woes. Allow The Simba XXL Barrel to become the centerpiece of your cats’ play, relaxation, and scratching endeavors.

Size (W/D/H)approx. Ø 45,0 cm 90,0 cm
approx. 13,40 kg
anthracite · beige
The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)The Simba XXL Barrel (Anthracite)

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